Youth Development Leadership Program

Looking to join a young adult community?

Affectionately known as Club Leaders, the Youth Development Leadership Program provides leadership opportunities to young adults (18-35) who wish to be a part of our supportive community. Youth Development Leaders are responsible for leading and designing our Friday Night Club program and our Cameron House residence camp at Westminster Woods.


Our Youth Development Leaders are vital to the continued success of the Friday Night Club program by providing direction and guidance to our youth. Youth Development Leaders put together our Cameron Carnival and lead our annual Youth Residence Camp at Westminster Woods, which takes place the second week of August.


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This is a great experience for any young adult interested in developing a career in youth work or education. See below for more details in regards to our program and please feel free to contact if you would like to check out our program.


Why Should I Be A Youth Development Leader?

  • Develop professionally and enhance your leadership skills. The leaders at Friday Night Club have the flexibility to adapt their program to their strengths and skillsets. This allows the leader to explore different leadership styles and teach what works for them.
  • Have an outlet for creativity and learn new artistic mediums. Often times, we don’t realize our creative potential until we are called upon to try something new. As a Youth Development Leader, you will have different projects and crafts that require you to step out artistically. It may be challenging, but it pushes us to excel and take creative risks that we would not otherwise.
  • Learning by teaching. Learn from each other. Each of us brings our different gifts to Cameron House community. The best way to learn is by teaching what we already know. Learn something new or hone the skills you already have.
  • It is challenging. However, we are all here to support one another in whatever challenges our youth groups face. By overcoming challenges and identifying our own weaknesses, we develop personally and professionally.
  • Be a part of a wonderful community. The Friday Night Club program has existed at Cameron House for over 50 years. Several generations have gone through Friday Night Club and it is the experience of this community that connects us all together.

Meet our YDL Team!

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About the Program

The Friday Night Club Program meets most Fridays from 7-10PM.

Our leadership team meets from 6-7PM for dinner and seminar.

In addition to volunteering on Friday Nights, each leader is expected to attend training focused on four areas of knowledge: Experiential Learning Process, Youth Programming and Design, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Transformative / Transformational Leadership Theory.

Our Friday Night Club program is a based upon the Bible scripture Luke 2.52 where Jesus grew in stature, wisdom and favor with God and humankind. This is the basis of our 4-Square program which promote growth physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

We meet for bi-annual leadership retreats and hold monthly peer counseling circles to share knowledge and further our professional development.

The Youth Development Leadership program is internship that may qualify for academic credit and volunteer service hours. Each leader is eligible for a yearly stipend of up to $600 and a professional development credit of up to $250.


Contact Information

Anson Ho – Friday Night Club Coordinator
(415) 781-0401 x126

Laurene Chan – Youth Ministries Director
(415) 781-0401 x142

June 18 - August 3, 2018

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