Arts & Media Program

Our Cameron House Arts and Media Program provides youth with an opportunity to experience the wonder of arts and share our stories at Cameron House. For the past 7 years, we’ve culminated our arts and media program at Cameron with our Visual and Performing Arts festival.

Check out our videos and past performances on YouTube!

Started in 2010 by Chris Cheuk and Casey Chow, this program has grown to encompass different art forms from music videos, special effects make-up and jewelry making. Our Arts and Media program had started with the Visual and Performing Arts Festival. The” VPA” (as we like to call it) allows our youth to share their creativity talents in a safe and supportive environment.

Our 8th annual showcase, the Visual and Performing Arts Festival will be held on January 26th, 2018.

Past video submissions and of videos past performances can be found on our Cameron House YouTube page playlist

In addition to the performances during the VPA festival, the Arts and Media program provides different workshops that are available to interested youth to attend and learn something new. All are free of charge and led by our talented alumni and staff.

Click HERE to sign up for workshops. (Certain workshops have limited space available, first come first serve)

2017-18 Arts and Media Workshop Schedule

  • Oct 8th, Sunday 2:00pm: The Art of Yo-Yo (w/ Michael Zhao)
  • Oct 14th, Saturday 2:00pm: Ukulele & Singing (w/ Harry Chuck)
  • Oct 15th, Sunday 2:00pm: Cha Cha (w/ Corey Chan)
  • Oct 21st, Saturday 10:30am: Intro Video Production (w/ Anson Ho)
  • Oct 28th, Saturday: Jewelry Making (w/ Michelle Lee)
  • Oct 29th, Sunday: 2:00pm Bullet Journal Making (w/ Andrea Ye)
  • Nov 4th, Saturday 10:30am: Cha Cha (w/ Corey Chan)
  • Nov 10th, Friday: 4:00pm Veterans Day: Boomwhackers Jam Session (w/ Josh Hee)
  • Nov 11th, Saturday 11:00am: Street Photography (w/ Daniel Lee)
  • Nov 12th, Sunday 3:00pm: Studio Photography (w/ Daniel Lee)
  • Nov 18th, Saturday 11:00am: Hiking Photography at Mt. Tam (w/ Daniel Lee)
  • Nov 25th, Saturday: Basic Photo Editing - Lightroom & Photoshop (w/ Tabi & Casey)
  • Nov 26th, Sunday: Advance Photoshop (w/ Casey)
  • Dec 2nd, Saturday 10:30am: Cooking (w/ Alyssa)
  • Dec 3rd, Sunday 2:30pm: Baking (w/ Alyssa)
  • Dec 9th, Saturday 10:30am: Intro Drumming (ft. Nathan Truong)
  • Dec 28th, Thursday: Winter Break: SFX Makeup (w/ Sheena Lee)
  • Jan 15th, Monday: MLK Day: Freeform (For people who need to work on videos)
  • Jan 20th, Saturday: Freeform (For people who need to work on videos)
  • Jan 21st, Sunday: Freeform (For people who need to work on videos)
  • Jan 26th: Friday: Visual & Performing Arts Festival
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Register For The Workshops

Program Schedule and Cost

Program is currently FREE for all participants. We do have limited spacing for certain activities. Please contact Anson ( if you have any questions in regards to participation in any given workshop.

Rides are not provided. Youth and young adults must arrange their own transportation.

2017-2018 Arts & Media Workshop Calendar:

Drop-Off and Pick-up Location

Most workshops will be held at Cameron House – Please see workshop schedule for any special instructions

Donaldina Cameron House, 920 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 (Chinatown)

Contact Information

Anson Ho – Youth Leadership Development Programs Coordinator
(415) 781-0401 x126

Testimonials from Past Participants

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Victor Ye

“Despite being a member of Cameron house for only a year, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunities of the many visual arts workshops offered. The VPA workshops introduced me to many skills that I have never thought about. All the while, I was able to learn and explore with friends. One memorable experience was the makeup/effects workshop. Sheena, the workshop leader, taught us to recreate lifelike scars and stitches with ink and clay. We first experimented on ourselves, then grew confidence and performed on each other. By the end of the workshop, everyone was smiling proudly at their creations—while being covered with realistic scars. In my short year as a participant of Cameron House, it is due to programs such as VPA that have allowed me to broaden my perspective on different occupations. As a VPA alumni and college freshmen, I follow this ideal—to constantly discover and explore.”

Juliana Mak


“The Visual Performing Arts festival was a space for me to experiment creatively. Without judgement, I could dance, improv, sing, film, take photos, and so much more with the help of the VPA workshops.

After learning how to storyboard and film during some of the VPA workshops, I made my first ever self-directed short film with my friends. Working with so many creative minds during a project has taught me so much about filmmaking, but also about time management and the ability to bring a story from such a tiny idea onto the big screen. Though I think I am my biggest critic, I was so proud seeing the short film we worked so hard to put together, those countless hours filming and editing. And the next year was just as rewarding; we tackled another short film and incorporated new techniques I learned from VPA workshops. Although it was no Oscar-award winning film, just seeing the loving environment created by Cameron House and the VPA festival made it all worth it. Their support means the world to me, and having them foster so many people in the arts is so great.

Art is an amazing way to express yourself, and the VPA festival allows anyone with no formal training to try new things and to develop new skills. It fosters an environment of growth and creativity. It inspires so many people and will always hold a special place in my heart.

I hope the VPA festival continues for many more years, as a place that empowers youth to speak their minds and to believe in themselves.”

Vienna Wu


“Hi! My name is Vienna and I’ve been a part of the Cameron House community for 12 years now. The first time I participated in the Visual Performing Arts Festival at Cameron House was in 2014. A group of friends and I decided that we wanted to put together a music video for VPA, so we made it happen and submitted our video. It turned out to be a success and it gave us memories that I will be able to cherish for a long time.

The following year, I wanted to do something more, so I asked my friend, Samantha, if we could perform something live together. We spent several weeks preparing a song that she would play on the piano and I would sing. Being able to perform live was a thrilling experience that I will never forget. Participating in VPA gives me the chance to express myself in a way I never really felt comfortable doing until I did it. It is an experience that has gotten me to step out of my comfort zone and one that I will always be grateful for.”

June 18 - August 3, 2018

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