New year at BAP

This year we want to build on last years successes, and we’ve made several changes to the BAP program. We’ve added a Kid’s Choice day several times a month where kids have the opportunity to pick activities that they’re interested in for the day, and staff have the opportunity to share their passions, hobbies, and talents.  Classes have included building a lion dancing head, board games, puzzle making, and time in our brand new Log Labin.  The Log Labin is a brand new space at Cameron House with musical instruments, sound boards, computers, and editing software. In this space, youth have the tools they need to create videos, music, podcasts, and more.
We are also working on updating our BAP classrooms and creating space that is unique and designed for youth.  Each classroom now has it’s own reading level appropriate library, with a comfy reading corner.  We’re installing a Lego wall in the 1st/2nd grade classroom and are looking forward to turning the 3rd grade classroom into a pirate themed space!
Stay tuned for more BAP updates as the year progresses!