Kaiser Permanente Supports Kitchen Medicine

Kitchen Medicine, a project of Cameron House’s Urbdoc Academy, is a multi-prong program focused on teaching healthy cooking to multiple generations here at Cameron House. Kitchen Medicine Apprentices (young adults) learn the ins and outs of cooking and then teach our BAP students healthy cooking once a month. We also have adult Kitchen Medicine classes once a month open to the community.

Thanks to a grant from Kaiser Permanente, we are expanding Kitchen Medicine to another generation. Kitchen Medicine Apprentices will be collaborating with Seniors to foster an inter-generational learning environment, where recipes are shared and the lines between teacher and student are blurred.

Recipes will focus on a plant based approach to eating, promoting healthy living and eating. With this new plant based focus, the youth have already tried over 80 varieties of fruits and vegetables!

As a result of this project, Kitchen Medicine will produce an inter-generational cookbook and instructional cooking videos. More to come as the project progresses!

Thank you Kaiser for your support!

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