Five Years of Friendship

Approximately 33 years ago, Rev. Dr. Ernest Wu envisioned a Chinese-speaking Women’s Guild. While it would take 28 years for his dream to become a reality, today the Friends of Cameron House are going strong! This group comprises 20 women, most of whom have developed friendships with one another through the services they received from Cameron House. Wanting to stay connected and give back to the community that had given them hope, love, and a better future, they formed Friends of Cameron House in April 2012. Every month they meet to enjoy fellowship while also helping Cameron House. And their assistance is wide and varied.

Every year, they help Social Services Ministry set up for Carnival, help prepare the Thai Iced Tea and Jade Waffles, sew 400-500 scarves for our youth summer program, make phone calls to Chinese-speaking donors during Phone-a-Thon, and assist in a wide variety of administrative tasks, like folding brochures or affixing labels to envelopes and brochures.

This past year, on top of all that work, they created over 200 paper fish to add a colorful and decorative flair for Gala, organized our Silent Auction displays, rolled guern fun for Carnival, *and* stapled bonus pack tickets!

And whenever we need their help with special projects, they are only a phone call away.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, the women created scrolls depicting some of the activities they have been involved in during the past five years (see photo below), enjoyed creative team-building games and a lovely Sword dance performance, and shared laughter and friendship over a delightful meal!

Thank you, Friends of Cameron House, for all that you do for us!


Friends of Cameron House