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In January 2002 the Cameron House Board of Directors appointed a Healing Task Force to explore what we as a community might do to begin to mend the many broken relationships, the hurts and the pain brought on to our community by incidents of abuse and molestation by a former Executive Director, F.S. Dick Wichman.

In July 2005, the Presbytery of San Francisco has issued a letter of apology to survivors, Cameron House alumni, members of the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown and the community of support in Chinatown.
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At its meeting in June 2005, the Board of Directors of Donaldina Cameron House expressed their support for a request by survivors that a trust fund be established to help fund the costs of healing. The Board sent a letter to World Wide Ministries of the United Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. [ View Letter ]

Listed below are materials we hope will nurture healing. SF Presbytery Letter - February 2005
Letter to Alumni - June 2004
Letter to Parents - June 2004
Summer 2004 Current Article
PCUSA News Release - June 2004
GAC Apology Letter - July 2004
Responses to Healing Announcements

One hundred persons participated in a all-day Healing Workshop on April 30, 2005 to discuss openly the sexual abuse that occurred during Dick WichmanÕs 30 years as Director of Cameron House. Led by Dr. Satsuki Ina, the highlight of the workshop was the open panel sharing by Buddy Choy, Willie Ng, Tom Pong, Elaine Chan-Scherer and Noel Chun, who described the different ways they had been victimized by WichmanÕs actions. Members of the Healing Task Force (Andy Choy, Sharlene Hall, Henry Wong, Jeanne Choy Tate and Bradford Woo) also added their personal reflections on the legacy of pain that Wichman has brought us.

Many who attended the workshop said this was the first time they had heard any victim speak personally about how Wichman had abused them. Because victims had always been unnamed, the devastating impact of WichmanÕs molestations had never been heard, or felt, as personally as on this day. There was tremendous appreciation for the victims who shared openly, and great sorrow to know the pain they have endured for years. There was also a deepening recognition of how Wichman had manipulated and seduced our entire community, both boys and girls, to passively give in to his power and control. Though the air was heavy in Culbertson Hall for most of the workshop, there was also a deep sense of relief and joy that the truth had finally been spoken. The day concluded nicely with a healing worship led by the a team from San Francisco Presbytery, which conveyed its apology for the past and its support for the ongoing healing process. Evaluations received showed participants were overwhelmingly appreciative for the day, and were eager to have future, on-going conversations.

History Cameron House has served individuals, immigrant families and youth since 1874. [ more ]